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Roundcube (Webmail)

Web-based mail is intended to give temporary access to your mail while you are away from your main computer. It is not intended as a long-term email solution. Storing email in web-based mail systems can cause databases to grow large and difficult to manage. Large databases will cause web-based mail to be sluggish and even non-responsive. If the email databases get too large they can become corrupted and you will lose all of your email.

accessing roundcube

  1. In your web browser, go to
    Email Roundcube 01 Url
  2. Press the Enter key or click "Go" and you will be taken to the Webmail login page.
    Email Roundcube 02 Login
    • In the email address field, enter your full email address.
    • In the password field, enter your email password.
    • Click the login button.
  3. The main Roundcube window.
    Email Roundcube 03 Main
    • Permanently storing email on the server is not allowed. Email should be downloaded to your local computer and removed from the server. Each email account is limited to 250 MB of storage space. If that limit is reached the account will no longer be able to receive mail. This is why web-based mail is intended for temporary email access only. Please install an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to use as your primary email access.
    • Deleting a message does not remove it from the server. It moves it to either the Trash or Deleted Messages folder. These folders should be emptied frequently and regularly to prevent a buildup of messages that could slow performance and even corrupt your mail database.

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